Isharika Urjah aims to be one of the biggest solar product retailers in Far West Nepal. Isharika Urjah is inspirationally named after Mina’s daughter, Isharika. The enterprise has a strong customer service focus and wants to educate the community on saving money by using clean energy.

Mina Kumari Chaudhary paid her own pay through secondary school, completing her School Leaving Certificate and college. She enjoys being self-reliant and has a good network in her local community.

Mina worked at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for four years then worked in a boarding school. When she’s not selling lights Mina continues to work with a Village Development Committee forum for women and human rights.

Isharika Urjah was founded with the support of the STEM programme – a 1.7 million GBP DFID funded, Mercy Corp implemented programme working to ‘Support the Education of Marginalised Girls in Kailali District’ where project work includes making solar light accessible to improve girls study time and improve their learning outcomes, and training girls in business skills, towards the goal of improving girls’ life chances.

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