Manju Paudel resides in Nuwakot, one of the areas hardest hit by the 2015 earthquakes. As a solar representative, she was actively involved in the post-earthquake relief work, distributing free solar lights as part of Empower Generation’s relief efforts. During these months (May to July 2015), she realized the value of solar products and wanted to establish her own solar enterprise in her village. Thus, Manju Solar Enterprise was born.

Manju has a bachelor’s degree in management. Having a positive and helpful nature are her key strengths. She was a housewife before joining Empower Generation’s distribution network. Manju’s family has been engaged in community work for a long time, and this inspired her to do more. The April 2015 earthquake destroyed her house, and though she lives in temporary accommodations, Manju still has the determination to run her business and sell solar products to her community.

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