Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.55.49 AMKalpavriksha Greater Goods (KGG) is a distribution hub for Empower Generation in Nepal, supplying clean energy to communities with, or without, connection to the grid. KGG also provides women across our network with clean and affordable lighting, and connects them to markets where they can sell. This creates a cyclic business model benefitting the whole community.

Sita Adhikari was a founder and President of the Jhuwani Women’s Savings and Credit Cooperative and a founder of the Women’s and Children’s Section of the Jhuwani Community Library. Today Sita is Empower Generation’s Chief Entrepreneur in Nepal, sharing valuable experience and skills with our existing and new women entrepreneurs.

Sita’s experience starting her own business inspired her to extend the opportunity to Saraswati, who she hired as KGG’s new manager. In late 2014 Sita sucessfully gained a sizeable line of credit for KGG to order 18,000 solar lamps that she’s now busy selling through her growing, women-led distribution network. Go Sita!

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