Hail to the dodgeballers, who braved foreboding weather conditions (nearby tornadoes be damned!) to make our first EMPOWERBALL such an amazingly fun, intensely competitive, and surprisingly sunny day out in East River Park

7 gallant teams fought through round after round of frenzied face-smashing action with grit, grace, and agility, not to mention super intimidating uniforms.

The games were INTENSE and maybe even a little dirty.

Praise be to the whistle bearers for endeavoring to keep the peace.

Despite all odds, Team Stat rose straight from the first round ashes to the top of the pack to taste sweet victory and take home the trophy.

Three cheers for Brandon (see: above), EMPOWERBALL’s MVP, who biked to the park all the way from Fort Greene, and helped Team Stat win it all!
Thanks to Runa Tea and Zaro’s Bakery for the much appreciated refreshments.

The event was such a resounding success that the only question left to ask is: WHEN SHOULD WE DO IT AGAIN? How about round 2 in the spring? Are you in? Email info@empowergeneration.org subject: EMPOWERBALL and we’ll keep you posted on where/what/when…see you there!

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Anya is a co-founder and the Executive Director at Empower Generation.

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