EmpowerBall 2014 lived up to all expectations as an earth shattering battle between King Kong (New York) and San Francisco (Godzilla).

After a close tussle of dodging, ape moves, dipping, ducking, and monstrous strategies, the winning coast was New York and their chest-beating total of more than $10,000.

In their first EmpowerBall year San Francisco raised an impressive $6,334.

In another first, William and Mary College came on board with their own EmpowerBall, raising $1,061.

In total we raised more than $17,395 to empower women to power communities with clean energy!

EmpowerBall is an annual event and our key fundraiser. Funds raised through the events will go directly toward:

  • Providing training and financing to female community leaders so they can own and operate their own business, distributing clean, safe power to their communities.
  • Supplying Clean Energy Funds to offer loans that help customers overcome the upfront costs of switching to solar power.
  • Conducting Clean Energy Awareness Programs, educating communities about the environmental, health and economic benefits offered by benefits by adopting clean energy.

We thank everyone who contributed toward the events, through organizing, volunteering on the day, photographing, playing, refereeing, and donating. Not to mention random players off the street who joined in on the day for the love of dodgeball and a good cause!

You can see photos from both New York and San Francisco events.

We also want to thank our great sponsors for this year:


Last but not least, if you were involved in any way and have feedback for us, or want to be involved next year, drop us a line so we can continue to make EmpowerBall bigger and better!