It’s Saturday, September 8th, 2012 in Manhattan’s beautiful East River Park.

The unmistakable symphony of textured orb humming through frenzied air, caroming emphatically off hapless target’s startled mug, eliciting anguished cry — equal parts discomfort, defeat, despair.

Look at you — the ducker who shoulda dodged, the catcher who shoulda caught, the pitiful pegged.

You’re out.

Now you’re languishing on the sidelines, waiting for your teammates either to “catch you back in” or to meet their similarly unceremonious ends, busily:

·bemoaning your lackluster powers of evasion
·reliving long-repressed gym class ignominy from days gone by
·fantasizing about exacting your synthetic rubber revenge
·rubbing your stinging face

But also take a second to smile; you just got beaned for a great cause! You’re taking part in the Empowerball 2012, Empower Generation’s Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser. The money you and your team have raised for this bouncy-ball barrage goes directly to support female entrepreneurs starting renewable energy businesses in communities with severe energy problems.

Anyways, you’ll live. A dodgeball to the dome, no matter how strong a cannon the brawny pegger may boast, is not powerful enough to put your lights out.

Thankfully, your fundraising efforts were powerful enough to put the lights on for a community in dire need.

Go to to find out more, donate, or join a team!