Very happy to introduce Santosh Bista, EG’s Supply Chain/Technology Manager! Santosh is an engineer working onsite in Nepal, supporting our technology efforts. We are so glad to have him on the team! ~Melissa


I am Santosh Bista, Empower Generation’s Supply Chain/ Technology Manager. An Electrical Engineer by profession, I decided to do my Maters in Business Administration because I really wanted to get into renewable energy business. Throughout my life and studies, I never thought I would be working for a social organization, or that I would be helping to empower women in rural communities to do run their own businesses. But, when the opportunity to work for EG came along, I was immediately attracted to not only EG’s start-up culture, but also the unique working model and new and exciting business concept of linking women entrepreneurs with a business idea that is both sustainable and empowering. I just loved the idea of EG from the beginning, and even though it wasn’t the type of job I had envisioned being in while I was in school, I felt like working for EG was definitely worth a try. It is both and it fun and challenging (I would say that I love challenges. Yes I definitely do!). ,

Working with Empower Generation has drastically changed my perspective on my country, my people, and my duty to them. My family and I live in the urban part of Nepal, in the capital city Kathmandu. I love travelling and I had travelled to a few places within Nepal, so I thought I had a good understanding of my country and the people living here. After visiting really remote areas where EG’s Entrepreneurs are selling renewable energy technologies in Chitwan, Bardiya and Siraha, I now know how wrong I was.

Now I feel that I better understand my country and my people. Before, I did not realize that people in my country were having such a hard time, living without reliable sources of energy. I never thought how difficult their lives really were and how much hardship they were facing. Now, I have seen the difference just one small solar light can make to a poor rural family, and this understanding has motivated me even more to work with my community and help these women lead their communities out of energy poverty. I am now dedicated to doing more to help my community grow and move ahead. EG has made me realize this, so a very big THANK YOU from both me and my community to EG for its work.

Working with EG over the past year has definitely been challenging (though, this makes me really happy because I got what I wanted!) and sometimes tiring (with loads of travelling). But, it has also always been fun and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.