Women CEOs in our distribution network have come a long way. There was a time when they felt nervous and hesitant to even talk to their neighbors, running a business never crossed their mind, and being independent and making their own decisions seemed an unachievable dream. Empower Generation showed them that they can achieve their dreams and become greater than they imagined. With our support, the CEOs in our network have become confident business leaders, engaged in their communities.

Nepal is in a transition period, and local elections are being held after a long gap of 20 years. The Nepalese government is encouraging women’s participation in this election period, giving women an opportunity to run for local office.

With their newfound confidence and leadership skills, several of the CEOs in Empower Generation’s distribution network were and are being considered as candidates for local office. Political parties must nominate potential candidates, and they have recognized our CEOs as leaders, working towards their community’s development.

Some of our CEOs were considered as candidates in May but did not make it past this initial election round. However, we would like to recognize their achievements in being named potential candidates and want to congratulate them on their accomplishments!

CEO Chhaya Devkota

We would also like to wish Lalita Chaudhary, CEO of Grameen Urjah, the best of luck! She is running as a potential candidate for Ward Member in June.

We are overwhelmingly proud of everyone, running for office. Being named as a potential candidate is a huge honor and proves that our women CEOs are making a name for themselves in their community, through their social entrepreneurship and hard work.

Congratulations to everyone!