People Planet Profit


Empower Generation seeds and supports women-led clean energy enterprises serving the energy poor.


We envision a world where women lead the clean energy revolution, reducing deforestation and the use of fossil fuels.


Our entrepreneur network enables clean energy technology suppliers access to remote markets where their products are in high demand.

Our model

We empower women already serving as household energy managers to become entrepreneurs. We develop market-based approaches to increase the adoption of clean energy technology in remote areas, improving health, saving carbon and money, and laying the foundation for greener economic development.

We deliver clean energy solutions by:
Training local women to own a business and manage a sales force
Empower Generation identifies, trains, funds and mentors rural women, to own and operate energy distribution business. These CEOs manage everything from bookkeeping to a sales force. We have a rigorous application process with benchmarks at each stage to ensure entrepreneurs remain effective.WHY WOMEN? Women CEOs are the best investment and strongest catalyst for change. They are more likely than men to pay back loans and to invest profit in their families and communities.

Supporting local businesses to market and sell quality solar power
Empower Generation provides extensive support services to each business in our distribution network. These services include; business basics training, sales and marketing training, marketing campaigns and events, branded marketing materials, quality solar portables + home systems, supply chain management, working capital, continuous mentoring.

WHY SUPPORT LOCAL DISTRIBUTION? Empower Generation sales agents and CEOs are the local, accessible service point for creating sustainable demand for clean energy, supporting customers, offering repairs and replacements. Sales agents and CEOs live in the communities they serve, allowing them to stay connected to their customers and allowing customers to stay connected to international suppliers.

Creating energized consumers
Empower Generation connects customers to local microfinance groups that offer microloans for portable solar products and directly offer customers Pay-As-You-Go contracts for larger solar home systems, where customers pay for power in affordable installments using our mobile money platform.

After a rigorous testing process, we source top-quality products for our customers that are affordable, rugged, portable, guaranteed (two year replacement warranty), remotely monitored and controlled (solar home systems).

Where we operate

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Forced to rely on expensive and dangerous kerosene, candles and disposable torches, the poorest 20% of the world’s populations pay over 20% of the global lighting bill yet receive only 0.1% of the benefits.

Energy poverty affects women and children the most, exposing them to poisonous fumes from combustion of fuels such as firewood or kerosene. Millions of women and children die each year from respiratory problems associated with breathing smoke.


is one of the poorest countries in the world, with half the population living below the poverty line and more than half living without access to reliable power.

Nepal is made up of 75 districts within five regions, covering three vastly different ecological zones. We currently work across the Terai, or plains areas, that have varying access to Nepal’s unreliable central power grid.