Every quarter, Empower Generation recognizes two amazing women from our network of entrepreneurs and sales agents for their hard work and outstanding achievements.

With the first quarter of 2016 behind us, we are happy to announce our two new Solar Stars. One is an entrepreneur and the other is a sales agent from the STEM programme – a 1.7 million GBP DFID funded, Mercy Corps Nepal implemented programme, working to ‘Support the Education of Marginalized Girls in Kailali District.’

Both Solar Stars empowered themselves and others to power the world.

Lalita Chaudhary – working as an entrepreneur has made her far more confident than before


SolarStars001-16-Lalita-shortenLalita Chaudhary is CEO of Grameen Urjah, a community-driven business, with a mission to distribute clean energy systems to remote and off the grid areas of the Siraha district, where indigenous Tharu communities live in energy poverty. Lalita has found her calling as a clean energy CEO, and she puts her effort into expanding her local community’s awareness about solar energy.

In the first quarter of 2016, Lalita has shown an even stronger motivation towards her business. She conducted two sales promotion programs per month and promoted her products to local media. She was also the first entrepreneur to sell Empower Generation’s new solar home systems and water filters to clients. She is a true Solar Star!

Lalita says she feels extremely delighted about this honor but mentions that working as an entrepreneur has done far more for her than bringing her recognition. It has also brought her valuable skills.

“I am now confident enough to present myself, my business and my products. I know how to handle the financial administration of my business and how to keep records of my products.”

With a bright looking future, Lalita is now concentrating on increasing her sales and the number of female sales agents she manages. This way, she will give more and more other women the opportunity to be self-reliant.

We are very proud of Lalita’s achievements and aspirations, and we hope she will indeed pass on her newly acquired knowledge to the other women in her community.

Devi Chaudhary – selling lights to help children study


SolarStars001-16-Devi-3Devi Chaudhary is a sales agent from the STEM programme – a 1.7 million GBP DFID funded, Mercy Corps Nepal implemented programme, working to ‘Support the Education of Marginalized Girls in Kailali District.’ Full of enthusiasm, Devi has been selling lights every month, and she feels very proud to be able to do this work. The lights she sells help children study extra hours during the evening, and this gives her a deep satisfaction.

The job has not only helped the children in her community, it has also added extra value to her personal life. Before becoming a sales agent, she needed to ask her husband for money for small expenses. This often caused domestic quarrels, but now she feels independent enough to organize expense-related activities herself:

“Nowadays my husband does not quarrel with me about small financial issues like lunch for our daughter, mobile phone charges or transportation costs from one place to another, because I handle those things myself.”

Devi Chaudhary feels happy and proud to be recognized as a Solar Star. She said her role as a sales agent taught her a lot about public speaking and selling products. Before, she used to be shy and afraid to speak in front of a group of people. She is now looking forward to having a business of her own one-day and is currently seeking loans to fund her ambitions.

It has been great to watch Devi’s sales grow in number, but it is just as beautiful to witness Devi’s personal development, which has brought her joy. We wish her all the best for the future!

From the entire team at Empower Generation, congratulations and keep up the great work Lalita and Devi!