Every quarter, Empower Generation recognizes a Solar Star from our network of entrepreneurs for their impressive achievements. Our recognition is a little late but should not be overlooked. It is time we introduce you to our 2016 Q3 and Q4 Solar Star winners.

Sushila Itani Pathak:

Sushila started as a sales agent for our entrepreneur Kala Khatiwada of Pragati Saurya Urjah. Her determination as a sales agent led Empower Generation to train and mentor her to become an entrepreneur in our distribution network in 2016.

Since then Sushila has shown great initiative in her business: she is the only entrepreneur in our network who has built partnerships with a variety of institutions, selling them her solar products in bulk, which increased her sales.

The establishment of Sushila’s enterprise Pawan and Pukar Traders gives more villages in Dhading District access to reliable, clean technology. Sushila was able to sell the highest number of D.Light S20 lights and payback her network dues on time, making her our Solar Star winner for Q3.

Prior, people knew Sushila as a social mobilizer, today people know her as Sushila Itani Pathak, CEO of Pawan and Pukar Traders, which means a lot to her. Sushila says, “I had previously worked as an employee for another organization, but Empower Generation gave me the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. It feels great to be a CEO, providing employment opportunities to women as sales agents.”

Keep up the great work Sushila! Congratulations on being our Solar Star for Q3!

Mina Mahato:

Mina established her enterprise Prekshya Saurya Urjah in April 2016. In Kailali, people live with unreliable electricity and have no access to portable solar lights. Mina sells products that were not available in her village and gives job opportunities to women with limited work experience and education. Being in Empower Generation’s network gave her all the skills required to run a business.

Mina is working hard to be a successful businesswoman. During Q4, Mina regularly kept in touch with her sales agents and motivated them to visit new potential customers. This helped Mina increase her sales compared to other entrepreneurs, making her the Solar Star Q4 winner.

Mina shared that earlier she was just a common shop owner, but today with the help of Empower Generation, she is a now skilled businesswoman. Now, she has all the confidence an entrepreneur requires.

Mina says, “When I used to work in other organizations, I was representing them but with Prekshya Saurya Urjah I am recognized as CEO, people know me as Mina not as a representative of some other organization. I feel proud of myself.”

Congratulations Mina for being a Q4 Solar Star! We are proud of you!