Empower Generation is excited to announce a merger with Australia-based Pollinate Energy.

We are thrilled to be joining forces with such an innovative organization dedicated to sustainably tackling the world’s most formidable energy challenges. Our missions could not align better.

Both Empower Generation and Pollinate Energy empower entrepreneurs to establish sales and distribution businesses that serve the most marginalized communities, delivering life-improving products and meaningful income to people living in poverty.

In the past five years, Pollinate Energy has developed a sophisticated network of sales agents (Pollinators), across five major metro cities in India, who focus on bringing life-changing products to families living in city slums. To date, Pollinate has delivered over 29,000 products into the hands of those who need them the most, and has served over 130,000 people living in communities that nobody else can reach.

“Merging with Pollinate Energy is an incredible opportunity for our organizations to learn from one another and to empower more women into positions of leadership across a global organization that is changing millions of lives. This is a crucial milestone on our path to scale, and we are showing the world that innovative collaborations can break down barriers to growth for social enterprises like ours, especially in the last-mile distribution sector,” says Anya Cherneff, executive director and founder of Empower Generation.

Here’s how the merger supports Empower Generation’s mission:

  • Expands our global reach and leverages Empower Generation’s women-led distribution model to deliver life-changing products to millions living in poverty in India and Nepal.
  • Allows us to scale more efficiently, yielding greater financial and operational sustainability.
  • Creates better support for our women entrepreneurs, such as access to best-in-class sales management, a new 3-tier enterprise incubator program, improved digital CRM tools for tracking customers, access to international professional development opportunities, and the chance to work as a global distribution network.
  • Brings more power to customers living on a dollar a day or less through a new cash payment plan.

Empower Generation and Pollinate Energy have designed a combined strategic plan with ambitious, attainable goals.

With your support, here’s what we will look like by 2020:

Together we have empowered over 500 women through business training and meaningful employment, and delivered life-changing products to nearly 500,000 people. By joining forces, Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation are ensuring a brighter future for women and their families in the most marginalized communities.

To learn more about Pollinate Energy, check out their latest annual report and a talk about Women Empowerment by their Co-Founder and CEO Alexie Seller.

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